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Conscripts playing floorball

Physical training and education branch

This special task involves working in the Defence Command Training Division that nationally steers the development of the Finnsih Defence Forces physical capability as well as physical training and education.

Project assistant

You task will be to support the salaried personnel in projects relating to physical training and education. The supervisors to this task include the Senior Planning Coordinator in Physical Education and Head of Coaching in cooperation with the Defence Command Chief of Physical Training. Your special service tasks will be tailored in accordance with your professional skills and competence.

As part of this special task, it is to your advantage if you are interested in and at least have sports as a pastime as well as relevant education in the field. The task involves varying types of development duties relating to the MarsMars concept that may involve individual planning of training schedules or tailoring training or visualising training to be posted via the online application. This task primarily focuses on advancing the conscripts’ sports activities and thereby remains linked with conscripts’ sports clubs in the context of the Military Sports Federation.


Defence Command, Helsinki


  • Project assistant