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Changing the contingent or place of entering into service

If you have a pressing need to change your assigned contingent or brigade-level unit, contact your Regional Office to arrange for the change.

The grounds for implementing the change may include facing a financial difficulty, being in the middle of seminal studies, graduating in a profession, or another personal reason. The application must be submitted in writing at the Regional Office well before the set date for entry into service.

You can access the form for applying for changing the service contingent and location here.

In case your state of health changes

If your state of health undergoes changes after the call-ups before entering into service, contact your own Regional Office. This ensures that the impact of these changes on your fitness for military service can be evaluated before the service begins.

Contact your Regional Office also if, prior to entering into service, you become injured or fall ill and therefore become incapable of travelling or doing the service.

It is very important that you leave in a medical certificate at the Regional Office concerning the type of illness or injury and the detriment it causes as well as its estimated duration or likely development.

Please note that having left in an application or a medical certificate is not sufficient justification for failing to enter into service. Rather, you need a separate decision from your Regional Office for this purpose.

Contact information for the Regional Offices