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Changing the contingent or place of entering into service

In case you must have either your assigned service starting time or brigade-level unit changed for a compelling reason, please apply for this online via the OmaIntti -service.

The reasons may include, for instance, a difficult financial position, an important phase in studies, graduation in a profession, or other personal reason. Apply for the change online at OmaIntti -service well in advance before the set service start.

Instructions for submitting an appeal to change the ordered military service starting date or location:

If you request to have your ordered military service starting date postponed to a later period in time, you must always include as part your appeal relevant documentation that supports your reasoning. The list below includes examples of relevant documentation:


  • Application for changing the military service starting date or location
  • Certificate of studies dated not earlier than 3 months ago

Arranging finances

  • Application for changing the military service starting date or location
  • Documentation on loans 
  • Employment contract or certified income register extract
  • Plan for getting finances in order before military service start

Specific personal reason

  • Application for changing the military service starting date or location
  • For instance, a certificate concerning professional sports, or pregnancy, or a document on other specific personal reason 

When you submit an appeal to start your military service earlier, please fill out the application for changing the military service starting date and state the reasons for having the starting date changed.

Please consider that the order to enter into military service remains valid until the Regional Office modifies it as applicable. 

In case your state of health changes

If your state of health deteriorates after the call-ups before the start of the conscript service, please submit a report of the change in fitness for service online at OmaIntti -service. This will allow considering the effect of the given change on your fitness for service before the assigned service start.

Contact your Regional Office also if, prior to entering into service, you become injured or fall ill and therefore become incapable of travelling or doing the service.

It is very important that you leave in a medical certificate at the Regional Office concerning the type of illness or injury and the detriment it causes as well as its estimated duration or likely development.

Please note that having left in an application or a medical certificate is not sufficient justification for failing to enter into service. Rather, you need a separate decision from your Regional Office for this purpose.

Contact information for the Regional Offices