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A soldier
Finnish Rapid Deployment Force

Serving as a conscript in the Finnish Rapid Deployment force literally paves your way to serving as a peace keeper.

Apart from undergoing training in military national defence, the trainees receive specialization training in crisis management tasks. In fact, over a half of the conscripts who complete this training end up serving as peace keepers within 18 months after mustering out.

Service location: Pori Brigade, Säkylä

Service duration: 347 days

Contingent: January


The trainees get training for branch-specific tasks in jaeger, mortar, combat engineer, signals and logistics companies. Depending on the units in question, the tasks include those of command vehicle drivers, C class drivers, medics and dispatch riders as well as anti-tank soldiers, scouts, mortar men, CE class drivers and EOD specialists. Some conscripts in the rapid deployment force receives section leader training, and few are trained as platoon leaders in the Reserve Officer School in Hamina.

Requirements for entry

In order to qualify, the applicant needs to sustain

  • good state of health, fitness for service class A
  • good physical condition

    • the passing rates for the Test of Physical Fitness (The exact scores are defined in the entrance exam invitation posted to the applicants) are as follows:

      • Cooper Test 2300 m

      • Sit ups 22 times/min

      • Push ups 20 times/min

      • Standing long jump 180 cm

      • Evacuation test in less than 2 min (video)

  • satisfactory proficiency in Finnish and English
  • stress resilience

  • readiness to commit to the rapid deployment force and serve abroad after the training

  • B class driving license (phase I must have been completed by the entrance exam, phase II by the beginning of the training, and phase III prior to the start of the FDF driver training).

The applicant MUST NOT sustain

  • criminal register or incidents of drunken driving or any other eliminating factors that exclude from attending the FDF driving training,
  • chronic skin condition,
  • allergies or asthma that restrict service,
  • easily irritable lactose-intolerance,
  • Coeliac disease,
  • locomotor problems in the musculoskeletal system.

It is to your advantage if you have:

  • a suitable civilian education (for instance, the education of a driver, carpenter, mechanic, medic, electrician, or IT-specialist),
  • proficiency in other languages,
  • flawless record of traffic offences,


The application deadline of Contingent 1/2022 is 15 January 2021. Fill in your application at: from 1st of September 2020 onwards. Information about the entrance exams for Contingent 1/2022 will be published here later.