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A soldier
Finnish Rapid Deployment Force

Serving as a conscript in the Finnish Rapid Deployment force literally paves your way to serving as a peace keeper.

Apart from undergoing training in military national defence, the trainees receive specialization training in crisis management tasks. In fact, over a half of the conscripts who complete this training end up serving as peace keepers within 18 months after mustering out.

Service location: Pori Brigade, Säkylä

Service duration: 347 days

Contingent: July


Finnish Rapid Deployment Force (FRDF) training provides soldiers with the competence to operate in tasks on demanding missions both nationally and in international operational environments. Training is given in nearly all service branches with the focus on infantry tasks. Alongside task-specific specialisation, the versatile training also includes as its integral part the bases for international interoperable operating and crisis management.  Thereby the FRDF training undertaken excellently prepares for applying for tasks on crisis management missions while in the FDF reserve.

All trainees will complete leadership training at least on the NCO course level and become qualified for section leader tasks. Additionally, part of the trainee strength will complete the reserve officer course.

The conscripts of the Finnish Rapid Deployment Force starting their service in the July contingent will be trained in the Pori Brigade.

Requirements for entry

In order to qualify, the applicant needs to sustain:

  • good state of health, fitness for service class A
  • good physical condition
    • the passing rates for the Test of Physical Fitness (The exact scores are defined in the entrance exam invitation posted to the applicants) are as follows:
    • Cooper Test 2500 m
    • Muscle fitness test level 3 (95 points)
    • Evacuation test in less than 2 min (video)
  • passed psychological test
  • at least satisfactory proficiency in Finnish and English
  • good stress resilience
  • readiness to commit for the rapid deployment force and to serve abroad once completed training
  • willingness to be tested for substance use

The applicant MUST NOT sustain:

  • criminal register (excluding minor traffic incidents)
  • any illness, particular sensitivity, structural weakness or regular medication that would prevent service on crisis management missions

Cooper test

Cooper test is a 12-minute running test which measures maximum endurance. Test is performed on a running track. The aim of the test is to measure how far one can run in 12 minutes. It is recommended to try to keep constant running pace throughout the whole running test to maximize the result. If you have not tried Cooper test before, it is highly recommended to try it at least once before the actual test. You can find many different training plans for preparing for the Cooper test online. Few examples are listed below (those are in Finnish). To pass the required 2 500 meters, you need to run constant pace of 1 minute and 55 seconds a lap or quicker (400 meter circuit). While you are training for the test, it is best to train for at least gaining 2 600 meter result. This way during the real test you don’t fail because of the circumstances or stress.

Muscle fitness test

The applicant must achieve a minimum result of at least 95 points in total in the muscle fitness test. The points allocated are determined as follows: One repetition in a one-minute sit-up test and push-up test = 1 point; standing long-jump test result in metres x 20 = points. Each test section carries set minimum level requirements that must be met: standing long jump 1,00 (m), sit-ups 10 (repetitions/min), push-ups 5 (repetitions/min). The set mandatory requirements apply to both males and females.

Specifications concerning the set number of points required will be provided as part of the invitation to attend the testing event.


Fill in your application at: (copy link to your address bar).

NB! Next contingent that will train the rapid deployment forces will be 2/24 and the application round for that will open until 31st of January 2024.