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Leave and leave period during refresher training exercise

If the need to be absent from an exercise is only temporary and does not require being absent from the remaining of the exercise, the refresher training commander:

  • may grant a permission to report for service in the exercise later than stated in the order
  • may grant special personal leave during the exercise
  • may grant exemption from other service during the exercise
  • may demobilise you before the end of exercise when you already are in situ in the exercise

Permission for the listed absences can be only applied from the exercise commander whose contact information is on the exercise order or listed as part of the release included in the order. Specified and documented reasons for absences follow the grounds explicated for being exempted from refresher training exercise by the Regional Office. 

Special personal leave does not count as service time, qualify for salary, or qualify for a daily allowance.

Exemption from other service can be applied for pressing personal reasons in writing (leave application) including the appendices. Exemption from other service counts as service time and merits salary and daily allowance.