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Training in electronic warfare

Training in electronic warfare offers a selection of demanding tasks available in the field of high technology.

The term electronic warfare (EW) refers to the surveillance, disruption and counter measures of systems that rely on electromagnetic radiation.

Service location: Armoured Brigade; Parolannummi and Riihimäki

Service duration: 347 days

Contingent: July


The EW trainees begin their service by undertaking the basic training period organised for all in Parolannummi. This is followed by the NCO Course in Riihimäki that covers the fundamentals of electronic warfare and military leadership. The most successful candidates will continue in the Reserve Officer Course in the Armoured School in Parolannummi.

During the troop training period, the trainees hone task-specific skills and practice military leadership. Once having completed the training, you may apply for tasks in the Finnish Defence Forces or in a crisis management operation abroad.

Requirements for entry

In order to qualify, the applicant needs to sustain

  • Normal state of health, fitness for service class A
  • Flawless colour vision
  • Normal fields of vision and hearing
  • Good physical condition (at least 2400m in the 12-minute running test)

It is to your advantage if you

  • Are motivated and interested in learning new things
  • Have the ability for long-term and sustained activity as well as logical reasoning
  • Demonstrate interest in information technology, electronics, and foreign languages, amateur radio operating or mathematical subjects

Disqualifying factors include, among others

  • The result of less than 2400 m in the 12-minute running test on the day of the selection event)
  • A missing or outdated medical certificate


The annual application deadline is 31 January. You may only apply in the July contingent of the given year. The entrance exams take place in March and measure the applicants’ aptitude for completing the special operations force and leadership training.