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Interested in a pilot's career in the Finnish Defence Forces?

Interested in a pilot's career in the Finnish Defence Forces? The Air Reserve Officer Course at the Air Force Academy in Tikkakoski opens the way for military piloting to the Air Force, Army or Border Guard. The course provides in-depth aeronautical theory training and flight training in a beginner's training aircraft.

Service Location: Air Force Academy, Tikkakoski

Service duration: 347 days

Contingent: July

Examples of requirements for entry

•    good state of health, fitness for service class A
•    good physical condition, normal blood pressure
•    general swimming skills (200 meters continuously) 
•     Finnish matriculation examination or completed vocational qualification of at least three years or otherwise eligible for higher education (a student in the last grade of a high school/3-year vocational school may apply for a course if he or she fulfils the criteria before starting the service)
•    adequate school performance
•    age at least 18 at the start of the course, age up to 22 in the year of the beginning of the course
•    applied for no more than twice before
•    Finnish citizenship and adequate knowledge of the Finnish language
•    no symptomatic allergy
•    physiological dimensions:
o    weight 47—94 kg
•    vision:
o    0.5 without glasses ja with glasses 1.0
o    silmälasien vahvuus enintään +2.5 – -1.5 diopteria
o    flawless color vision
o    surgically corrected vision is not allowed
Application period ends 1. November.


For further information, contact tel 0299 250 222.