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Other forms of service and being exempted from military service

It is possible to fulfil the liability for military service in armed service or unarmed service in the Finnish Defence Forces or in non-military (civil) service.

Unarmed service

If reasons of conscience prevent you from fulfilling the liability for military service in armed service, you can apply for unarmed service, which lasts for either 255 or 347 days. This form of service equals a regular conscript service in all other respects but excludes the armed training. Information on how to apply for unarmed training will be available at the Regional Offices and at the call-ups.

Non-military (civil) service

If reasons of conscience prevent you from completing the conscript service regulated in the Conscription Act, you can apply for exemption. In this case, you have to complete the non-military (civil) service. Additional information on the service time and service location of the non-military (civil) service can be accessed on the site of the Civil Service Centre.

The service time in non-military (civil) service is 347 days. Please fill out the application form of the Ministry of Economy and Employment. You have to apply for non-military (civil) service after the call-ups.

Residents of the Åland Islands

Those with right of residence on Åland and persons who have moved to Åland under the age of 12 can fulfil their liability for military service in maritime pilot station service or lighthouse service of the Finnish Maritime Administration.