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Soldiers in high knee position listening to the trainer

Reserve Supplementary Training Programmes

The FDF trains motivated reservists from the reserve rank and file into reserve NCOs, and from reserve NCOs into reserve officers on reserve supplementary courses. We encourage all interested reservists to apply for the courses!

The course titled From Rank and File to NCO and The Wartime Leadership Course will allow skilled and motivated reservist to train for and be assigned to more complex duties in emergency conditions in accordance with the Finnish Defence Forces’ needs. The supplementary continuing training courses for reservists are a means of acquiring section leader or platoon leader -level competence training after completion of the conscript service part of the liability for military service.

The courses will include both distance learning and on-site sequences. The course methods will involve instructor-led on-site learning, supervised online instruction, and a selection of sub-courses and training exercises. Additional information on this training will be available at the Finnish Defence Forces’ Regional Offices’ customer service desk

Applying for the courses

The supplementary courses are organised every second year based on the reserve rank:

  • Reserve rank and file are trained into reserve NCOs starting in 2025, two courses per year
  • Reserve NCOs are trained into reserve officers from 2025 onwards in odd-numbered years

The application for these courses must be submitted at the Regional Office by the end of September of the year preceding the given course. The students are selected by the Army Command. The application must be on the FDF form 448-8796 ”Hakemus reservin täydennyskoulutukseen” [application for reserve supplementary training, in Finnish].

The selection criteria include:

  • at least 2 000 m in the 12-minute running test
  • planned or in force placement to a reserve task for which the applicant undertakes training
  • commitment and will to defend.

Of benefit to applicants:

  • leadership training and other special skills
  • experience in peacekeeping tasks
  • prior participation in voluntary national defence activity
  • a statement by wartime superordinate and instructor. 


As part of reserve supplementary training, skilled and motivated reservists can train further and receive more demanding tasks in emergency conditions. This enables considering the persons’ civilian competences, civilian leadership experience, participation in voluntary national defence, and the willingness to commit to tasks of military national defence.

The course From Rank and File to NCO will comprise altogether 24 credits, and include both distance learning and on-site instruction (instructor-led on-site learning, supervised online instruction, a selection of sub-courses, training exercises). A credit equals 27 hours of work. The number of on-site learning sequences will be six in total, which will amount to altogether 20 days. Two of the on-site learning sequences will be training exercises that will last for nine days in total. 

Comprising altogether 15 competence credits, the Wartime Leadership Course will consist of six distance learning credits and of nine on-site learning credits. The number of on-site learning sequences will be four and arranged in conjunction with the Army Reserve Officer Course. A competence credit equals 40 hours of work. The on-site learning sequences will last altogether 21 days, of which altogether 13 days will be training exercises.

Usually up to 30 students will be selected to the course From Rank and File to NCO, and an identical number will be selected to the Wartime Leadership Course as well. It is possible to be credited for applicable previously completed studies such as, for instance, the Reserve Officer School’s Instructor Course.

The successful course graduates will be promoted in the reserve. An NCO graduate will be promoted to Corporal in the reserve. In case a graduate is already a Corporal, the promotion will follow the set promotion guidelines in the reserve. The graduates of the Wartime Leadership Course will be promoted to Second Lieutenant in the reserve.