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Young men lined up with backpacks

For the first time in a brigade-level unit

You will receive a service order either at the call ups or in the mail with details on when and in which brigade-level unit you must enter into service.

The service order carries detachable travel tickets that allow you to take the bus and train from your home municipality in Finland to your assigned service location. The travel ticket will indicate its validity period.

Please note that the tickets will be invalid in local public transportation of Tampere and Turku and in regional public transportation of the municipal Helsinki area. Upon presentation of documentation of travel costs, other travel modes will be reimbursed in your set service location:

  • Travel imbursement from the home municipality to the set service location concerning the part uncovered by the service order ticket
  • Food allowance in case the travel time exceeds six hours

Remember to save your travel tickets and other travel documentation to be attached to the reimbursement application that you will file immediately after you have started your service.

Leave early enough

Arrive at the brigade-level unit already at around noon so that you get enough time to collect your equipment and try the equipment on.

Arriving late brings about problems both for those receiving those arriving and the persons arriving.

When departing for military service, bring along:

  • Personal hygiene necessities
  • Social security card (KELA card) and driving licence
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Bank account number


Upon entry into service, bring with you the medication that you are on for the duration of circa 2 weeks with the prescription. After the entry medical examination you will get all the necessary prescription medication free of charge at the garrison heath centre.