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Reservist health

If your state of health undergoes changes that affect your fitness for service, please notify your Regional Office about this.

Sairaanhoitaja ja asevelvollinen henkilö terveysasemalla.

The notification should include a medical certificate on your fitness for military service. If the Regional Office is unable to change your fitness for military service class on the basis of your notification, the Regional Office will arrange for you a separate health examination.

A reservist who has been categorized as fitness for service class C will be exempt from military service in peacetime and transferred to the auxiliary reserve. When necessary, this person can undergo a new health examination for the purposes of changing the fitness for service class. Those who get the status of class A or class B will continue as part of the reserve.

How do I get information on the vaccinations received while in military service?

Look up first your information in the national Kanta Archive’s My Kanta E-service available at
The Military Medicine Archive allows you to make enquiries about your vaccinations by filling out the form for ordering documentation available online at

Send the form to the following address

Sotilaslääketieteen arkisto
PL 13

NB! In order for the archive to be able to release information, a personally signed documentation order is necessary. You can access additional information on this at the site of the Military Medicine Archive at