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Tasks that you apply for while in military service

Make the most of military service and utilise your civilian competences!

In special tasks you get to utilise the competences that you have developed prior to the military service, hone you skills and accumulate valuable work experience as well as establish contacts for the future! The application is open for all recruits, and the special competences sustained will be tested either in an entrance exam or in an interview.

You can apply for the special tasks during the basic training phase.

Those qualifying for the rank and file special tasks will transfer to their assigned tasks immediately after the basic training period is over. The service time will be 255 days.

Leadership training and special tasks

You can apply for special tasks also while undertaking leadership training. Those conscripts who have been selected for leadership training undertake leadership training in their own brigade-level unit as usual or in the Reserve Officer School after which they continue in special tasks as conscript leaders.

The application for the special tasks takes place at the turn of April and May as well as at the turn of October and November during the first four weeks of the NCO Course (NCOC 2) and of the Reserve Officer Course. The specific application deadlines will be posted on this site in advance.