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Two happy soldiers in combat gear

Preparing for the service

It is worth preparing for the approaching service by getting your civilian life matters in order, becoming familiar with the daily routines in the military and the service tasks as well as getting increasingly fit. The more thoroughly you do this preparatory work, the easier it will be for you to begin the service proper, and the more you will get out from the military.

Order to enter into service

You will be given the order to enter into service either at the call-ups or the order will be posted to you in the mail. This order will contain the details concerning when and in which brigade-level unit you are to begin the service. This order will also double as your travel ticket so please look after it with care. and get fit for the military!

The Finnish Defence Forces will offer you the chance to improve your physical fitness and resilience prior to and during the service. In case you have any doubts about your fitness, it pays off starting to get fit well in advance and become familiar with the online service This application also allows you to develop your psychological, social and ethical capabilities to be in perfect condition by when your service is due to start!

Conscripts’ allowances

The social security institution Kela pays conscript allowance for the person liable for military service undertaking conscript service and their immediate family for the duration of the service. You may apply for this allowance a month prior to starting your service.

The conscript allowance includes

  • Basic allowance
  • Housing assistance
  • Alimony provision assistance
  • Special assistance
  • Assistance covering the interests of student loans.

Additional information on assistance provided by Kela is available here


The conscript’s daily allowance will only cover minor expenses relating to the life at the garrison. This is why you need to negotiate paying rearrangements for the existing loans.

In practice this means that you need to make agreements with the bank or other loan provider so that you are able to postpone the payments due. The payments of a fine can usually be postponed until the completion of the conscript service. If necessary, you can also negotiate the payment timetable with the municipal notary concerning attachment proceedings. Avoid taking loans prior to and while in service!


It is a good idea to complete the conscript service before undertaking any long-term studies.

In fact, if you have just been accepted to an educational institution, it is almost always possible to postpone the beginning of your studies until you are mustered out. Some of the educational institutions may still request a written statement certifying your entry into service.

While in service, you can plan for future studies as well as apply for and take entrance exams. Guidance and information will be available by the social welfare officer of your brigade-level unit. During military service, neither financial aid for students nor subsidised student loans will be available. While in military service, you can apply for Kela assistance in paying the interests of your student loan equity.

Employment contracts

Do not ever terminate an employment contract because of military service!

According to law, public service or employment contracts cannot be terminated or any notice given on them by the employer while the employee is in military service. Rather, the employer must offer the same or equivalent work after the employee has been mustered out. Remember to let your employer know the exact date of entry into service at least two months in advance, and also agree on the preliminary plans for your returning back to the work place.

Returning to work after military service

Notify your employer on your returning to work at least 14 days in advance. If you intend to return to work immediately after service, make the notification already while you are still in military service. Keep in mind that if you have not notified the employer about the completion or interruption of military service within a month’s time, the employer can one-sidedly terminate the military contract.


If you are unemployed, you must inform the employment and economic development office of the date you enter into service and report to the employment office regularly until your military service begins. This also applies to reporting to the unemployment fund if you receive earnings-related unemployment allowance.