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Task that require applying for before the service

Are you into discovering another side of the military and completing missions that others only dream about? Challenge yourself as part of the Finnish Defence Forces’ toughest and most competent troops!

You will never be assigned to the special operations forces and special programs in the call-ups. Rather, you need to file an application as part of a separate application procedure. You may apply for most of the tasks also after the call-ups, and even once your service location has been assigned. However, if you already know which particular special training program you are interested in, it does pay off to say so and speak up in the call-up event.

This is how you apply

It is possible to apply to special operations forces by the Finnish Defence Forces E-service.

Fill out the application form available online at

Women applying to special operations forces

Applying to the special operations forces always follows the specific application schedule of each given unit.

Apply to the special operations forces online at

For additional information on applying to voluntary military service for women, please go here.

Instructions for applying as well as application forms will also be available in the Regional Offices.