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1588 women applied to voluntary military service

Publication date 9.3.2022 12.29
Press release
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The application period for women’s voluntary military service closed on 1 March 2022. This year, a total of 1588 women applied to conscript service. This was the first time applications were submitted online through the E-service. Women who complete military service are and will be an important asset for the Defence Forces.

As before, the application round to women’s voluntary military service produced very good results: 1588 women applied to service in the application period that closed on 1 March. The number of applicants was the second highest in the FDF’s history. The record was made in last spring’s application round with 1675 women applying to service.  

Women’s role in service is important

Over the years, the Defence Forces has trained over 11 000 women to the reserve. The Chief of Staff of the Army, Major General Kim Mattsson says that each woman who completes service is important to the Defence Forces.  

– Women are highly motivated to complete military service, and they perform extremely well. With age groups getting smaller, women’s role in national defence will increase even more, he says.    

After service, women will be needed for versatile tasks in the reserve.   

– We will need your know-how after service as well. The skills learned in service may be kept up and improved, for example, in reserve troops exercises, employed by the Defence Forces or in crisis management duties, Major General Mattsson suggests. 

Applying through the E-Service makes applying easier 

Applying to voluntary military service for women online through the E-Service was made available in April 2021. It is intended to make applying easier and lower the threshold for applying to service. Major General Mattsson thinks this reform is a good thing. 

– It is important to make applying to voluntary military service as easy and clear as possible. Applying through the E-Service is the right step in that direction, and the process will continue to be improved in the years to come.    

Selection events will be held in April

Based on their applications, women who have applied to service will be invited to a selection event organised by their Regional Office. Apart from providing information about conscript service and liability for military service, the selection event involves interviewing the applicants and having their health examined. At the event, applicants have an opportunity to express their wishes involving training and service. 

Considering the local Covid-19 situation, the selection events will be organised either on-site or online in April. The Regional Offices will contact the applicants and inform them as to whether an on-site selection event will be replaced by an online one. The selection events organised on-site will follow the recommendations by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (hand disinfection, coughing hygiene and safety distances). If you get ill before your on-site event, contact your Regional Office and agree on how to participate in a selection event.