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More and More Reservists Training with International Partners During the Autumn

Defence Forces
Publication date 14.10.2022 16.07 | Published in English on 17.10.2022 at 13.20
Press release

During the autumn, the Finnish Defence Forces will continue active exercising together with international partners, which began during the summer. Active and continuous international exercises demonstrate the partner countries' commitment cooperating with Finland in an unstable international security environment.

The Defence Forces' international training and exercise plan for this year was supplemented in May with twenty new or amended exercises. The plan was further amended with four Army exercises in October.

During the autumn training period, our international partners will participate in, for example, the most important branch and final exercises of the Services. Furthermore, the Defence Forces received additional funding for refresher training of reservists this year. During the rest of the year, approximately 10,000 more reservists than originally planned will participate in the exercises. The reservists who will take part in the autumn training activities will gain valuable experience in working together with our international partners. Most of the supplementary exercises in the autumn will be carried out with the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden. This is complemented by training and exercises carried out with France, Germany, NATO and within the JEF framework.

"International training cooperation has been intensive during the summer. The experience gained from the exercises has been very good and has benefitted both the training of our troops as well as the training demands of our international partners participating in the exercises. In addition, the exercises have improved the partners' understanding of the Defence Forces and Finland's special characteristics. During the autumn exercises the emphasis will be on the training of reservists in their own tasks in emergency conditions. In this context, more and more reservists are training with our international partners," says Colonel Kari Pietiläinen, the Defence Forces’ Chief of Training

Exercises Throughout Finland

The Army continues to organize exercises in Southwest and Northern Finland. The purpose of the exercises is to improve the Army's interoperability, operating procedures and use of fires together with international forces.

After a very busy summer of exercises, the Navy continues to organize exercises along the coast, in the Gulf of Finland and in the Archipelago Sea. The exercises emphasise interoperability, readiness, combat command and control, protection of maritime traffic and common situation picture with partners.

The Air Force will continue its training activities mainly in Northern and Central Finland. The purpose of the exercises in the autumn is to improve the Air Force's capabilities together with its partners. In addition, the Air Force continues its Cross-Border Training in the North with Sweden and Norway.

The Defence Forces will provide more detailed information on training and exercises closer to the exercises or during them.