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You become liable for call-up and thus liable for participating in the call-up event in the year you turn 18.

The call-ups are organised annually from August to December. At the call-ups, you will receive information on the conscript service and it is worth reserving a full day for this purpose. The call-ups are based on the Conscription Act.

Coronavirus Covid-19 situation will affect call-ups this autumn

The call-up events organised this autumn will follow the recommendations by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare on performing hand hygiene and cough/sneeze etiquette and on sustaining safety distances for the purpose of safeguarding all persons liable for attending call-ups. 

In the call-up events, detailed instructions will be given on hygiene protocol and on safety distances at the call-up locations. While planning for the call-ups, we also prepare for following rapid changes resulting in possible assembly restrictions. At a given call-up location, both the number of persons liable for attending call-ups and the venue facilities available vary depending on the municipality. As applicable, we are prepared to shorten the duration of the call-up event programme, to make the seating arrangements spacious on site, and to have the persons liable for attending call-ups arrive sequenced on site according to a progressive timetable.

It is possible to arrange for the sequenced arrival on site also on the morning of the call-ups at the given call-up location, in which case no separate announcement on this procedure will be sent beforehand to the home address of those concerned prior to the call-ups. All these measures are precautions for guaranteeing that the number of persons in a detachment remains minimal and that the contact time with others of a person liable for attending call-ups becomes minimised.

We ask the persons liable for military service to consider the following precautions relating to the call-ups: 
• If you seem to be clearly ill, contact your Regional Office promptly and agree on completing the liability for attending call-ups.
• Wash your hands carefully as you arrive in the call-up event and maintain personal hand hygiene throughout the event.
• Sustain safety distance to others present in the call-up event.

We ask the persons attending the call-ups to follow and observe for their part the recommendations by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare concerning the use of face masks. In case the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommends using face masks, we ask the persons liable for attending call-ups also to bring their own masks if they want to. And, in case the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommends using face masks, the Finnish Defence Forces will aim to distribute masks to those present as well and to insruct face mask use in the call-up event.
At the call-up, your identity information will be verified, your state of health checked, and your wishes heard concerning your conscript service. On the basis of the information available, your suitability, fitness for military service, will be assessed and determined. Furthermore, your service period and service location will be assigned or possible exemption decided from military service.
It is worth preparing for the call-up in advance by becoming familiar with the versatile service tasks. If you are able to voice a wish for a particular service location or service task already during the call-up event, it will become easier to ensure that you get to serve in tasks that you deem most optimal.

The information accrued as part of the preliminary medical examination will inform evaluating an applicant’s state of health.

Please note! A person liable for military service must attend the call-up personally. Absence from the call-up can only be authorised by the regional office. If you are unable to attend the call-up listed in the call-up notice, contact your regional office. Unlawful (for example a serious illness) absence from a call-up is an offence punishable by the Conscription Act. More information about the obligation to attend the call-up can be found in your call-up notice and your regional office.

Please bring along:

  • A passport, driving licence, or other official identification card
  • A medical certificate if your state of health has undergone changes after the health examination that will affect your fitness for service

You will receive a call-up notice in the post

You will receive a call-up notice in the post well in advance before the call-up date in the beginning of the call-up year. This notice indicates the call-up date and location complemented by the set questionnaires for conscript service and medical examination together with instructions concerning the health examination as well as a conscript booklet. Please hold on to the call-up notice not to miss your set call-up date!

Fill out the questionnaire

The information provided on the "Questionnaire concerning military service and for the evaluation of your state of health" will affect determining your fitness for service as well as assigning your service location and service task. Please fill out the questionnaire carefully and bring the form along to the preliminary health examination. The authorities handling the information that you provide remain bound to confidentiality. You will receive this questionnaire in the post as part of the call-up post or online available here.

Go through a health check-up

Before the call-ups that are scheduled to take place in the autumn, you will go through a health check-up organised in the municipal health center of your home municipality. You will receive detailed information of the health check-up in the post at your home address. Please note that a youth health certificate does not exempt you from this preliminary physical examination.

Please bring with you to the health examination:

  • The "Questionnaire concerning military service and for the evaluation of your state of health"
  • A driving licence, passport, or an official ID issued by the Finnish Police
  • A social security card (Kela card)
  • Possible earlier medical certificates (incl. the youth health certificate), x-rays, vaccination certificates, eyeglass prescriptions as well as eyesight and/or hearing certificates

Determine a suitable service time

The general induction times for entry into service take place twice a year in January and July. It is advisable to start the service as soon as possible after graduating, prior to starting a family and continuing with long-term studies. It is possible to change the date for entry into service by an application.

Familiarise yourself with the brigade-level units and tasks

It tends to be the case that you will be ordered to enter to service in a brigade-level unit located close to your municipality of residence. The objective is that the military training that you undertake and the service task assigned to you correspond to your civilian education, line of profession, future plans, skills set as well as your pastime activities.

Try and clarify your wishes concerning the prospective service branch and military training already before the call-up event. This involves thinking about which tasks would allow you to utilise your civilian competence and skills as well as which type of military training would benefit your (you) optimally in the future. Please speak up and voice your wishes to the call-up board!

Become familiar with the versatile service tasks.

Call-up notices

Dates for entry into service and mustering out

Finnish Army, Navy, Air Force and Border Guard


Entry into service

Mustering out

165 days

255 days

347 days











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